ClaudiKat is an emerging Puppetry Project created in collaboration with my friend Katya Solomatina in 2016. ClaudiKat aimes to create original and meaningful stories that explore modern social and cultural themes while crafting beautiful and magical work that can inspire and entertain a wide range of audiences. Our approach is experimental, innovative and in constant evolution.
We explore social themes like mental health, alienation, bullism, and racism (among others) with a unique playful style that mixes traditional puppetry with circus, street theatre, movement and physical theatre. Our simple stories are told through atmospherical music, sounds and captivating visuals, without dialogues or spoken words between characters.
This artistic choice gives our audience a highly evocative and multisensorial experience, in which they are deeply involved.
It also allows us to connect with a wider range of audiences, breaking down language barriers and prejudices. We present a performance that does not fit into a specific category, but aims to free imagination and stimulate self-introspection. Community involvement is a very important aspect of our practice. We consider the audience an active part of our work and by promoting community workshops, demonstrations and showcases, they can explore the world of puppetry and storytelling, with a hands on approach.
ClaudiKat’s aesthetic takes inspiration from mythology, fairytales but also historical periods and animation, with a fascination for ancient worlds and magical/ dream-like atmospheres. Our quirky puppets and settings are designed to fit any stage, from outdoor festivals, back gardens to theaters and parks, always maintaining their detailed simplicity.
Our puppets are crafted in many different styles (rod, hand, string puppets etc…) with recycled materials and found objects when possible, not only as an ethical choice, but also because we believe they add more authenticity and charm.
We enjoy collaborating with sensitive artists that share with us a love for storytelling and like to experiment new creative ways of performing.
ClaudiKat represents my opportunity to bring to life and share with the world, the multiple stories and characters that have always populated my imagination.